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The Curst 

Playwright Kelley Jo Burke

Songs written by Library Voices

Directed by Angus Ferguson

Sponsored by the David Edney Fund for Theatre

** Please note there is some adult content, violence and strong language in this show.  Please be advised there is discussion of self harm, suicide, and homophobia.**

Set Design by Angus Ferguson

Costume Design by the company
Angel wings designed and built by Louisa Ferguson

Lighting Design by Angus Ferguson, Katie Blackburn-Dust, Judith Schulz & Jensine Emeline

Sound Design by Katie Blackburn-Dust & Tim Bratton
Live Sound Design by Tim Bratton

SAB FINAL LOGO CMYK Feb 24, 2020-01.jpg

Dancing Sky Theatre is proud and honored to be making art on the great plains of North
America, also called Turtle Island and many other names. We strive to reflect rural realities in an urban-centric culture. We recognize that we share this landscape with various indigenous peoples (many signees to Treaty #6), members of The Metis Nation, several generations of settlers, as well as new immigrants to these lands. We also seek to share the space with the more than human world, both indigenous and immigrant. We aim to respect, and work in harmony and balance with all the diversity of life that surrounds us.

The Curst 

I am THAT generation. I was born in 1963, the year the Beatles broke in England. I grew up surrounded by the joy, wonder and excitement of the new music. When I was a kid we didn’t have the internet, we had records. That was how we discovered the world – what to think, how to dress, and the magic power of art. I still surround myself with rock music every day.


THE CURST is an exploration of the connection and power of rock music. Why we make it, what it gives us, and the human connections we create through it.


A huge thank you to all the gang that is Library Voices for creating these songs, and their generosity in sharing them with us. Thanks also to all of the wonderful creative people who have been a part of this five-year journey from idea to reality on our stage. Your creative contributions are treasured. Very special thanks to Kelley Jo for allowing me to work with her on an original project for the fifth time. It is always a joyous adventure.


I sincerely hope that you enjoy this most Saskatchewan of plays.

Angus Ferguson - Artistic Director

DST would like to thank:

  • GTNT especially Ed Mendez 

  • Tout le gang at  La Troupe du Jour, especially Frank and Bruce

  • Library Voices

  • Steve and the gang at Amigos Cantina

  • Mike Dawson for poster image design

  • Louisa Ferguson for Poster Postcard, and sticker

  • Tim Bratton for going above and beyond the call of duty

Kelley Jo Burke would like to thank:
  • Thanks to the Sask Arts Board, Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts, St. Peter's College and of course to a huge thanks to the David Edney Fund for Theatre.

  • Special thanks to my consultant and friend the great Dawn Dumont. 

  • And finally--of course LIBRARY VOICES!!!! 

Judith Schulz would like to thank:
  • Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre

  • La Troupe du Jour

  • Amigos Cantina

  • Micah Elgaard

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