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Harvest Hall Menu

Please advise of dietary allergies, vegetarian or vegan at time of booking meals.

Evening Meal

Matinee Meal

Beverage Menu

Featured Wines…

Featured Saskatchewan Bottle Wine $45

Featured Red or White Bottle $45

House Wine, White or Red

Glass  $7.50

½ L      $21

1 L       $38

House Specials…

Dill Pickle Caesar (SK) $8.50

Stumbletown Gin Caeser  (SK)$8.50

Mate Amaro  Coffee (SK) $8.50

Black Fox Oaked Gin (SK) $9.50

Bowmore $9.50


Nokomis (SK) $7.00

O16 Ultra Light (SK) $7.00 

Black Bridge (SK) $8.50

Saskatoon Berry

Vodka Ice Tea (SK) $8.50

High Balls… $7.00

Liqueur … $7.00

Limoncello (SK),

Coffee Vodka (SK)


Cappuccino  $5

Mocha           $5.75

Latte   $6

Tea / Coffee $3

Orange Juice… $3

Pop … $3

Our preferred method of payment in our dining room and at intermission is cash. Cash provides the fastest most efficient service for you and does not cost our business additional service fees. We can accept credit, debit and e-transfer. 

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