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Baba's Magic Mitten
A Ukrainian Prairie Panto
A Dancing Sky Theatre Collective Creation

Dancing Sky Theatre is proud and honored to be making art on the great plains of North America, also called Turtle Island and many other names. We strive to reflect rural realities in an urban-centric culture. We recognize that we share this landscape with various indigenous peoples (many signees to Treaty #6), members of The Metis Nation, several generations of settlers, as well as new immigrants to these lands. We also seek to share the space with the more than human world, both indigenous and immigrant. We aim to respect, and work in harmony and balance with all the diversity of life that surrounds us.

The Characters


Elizabeth Nepjuk - Baba, Gordy, Animals

Dean Stockdale  - Nicky, Animals

Chris Krug-Iron - Ivan, Auntie Tonya, Mike, Animals

Joshua Beaudry- Bruce, Auntie Sonya, Gido, Animals

Kristel Harder - Lezlie, Animals

DST Baba's Magic Mitten Team (front l-r) Angus Ferguson, Dean Stockdale,.jpeg

Photo By Britainy Zapshalla
Front(L to R) Angus Ferguson, Dean Stockdale, Kristel Harder, Michelle Pidlisny, Jack (New Hope Dog Rescue Foster)
Back (L to R) Joshua Beaudry, Elizabeth Nepjuk, Chris Krug-Iron, Jensine Emeline


Photo by Michelle Pidlisny
Front (L to R) Angus Ferguson, Kristel Harder, Dean Stockdale, Jensine Emeline,
Back (L to R) Blaine Hart, Chris Krug-Iron, Crispi Lord, Elizabeth Nepjuk,  Joshua Beaudry,


Baba's Magic Mitten
( A Ukrainian Christmas Prairie Panto )

Welcome to Christmas at Dancing Sky. Many of you have been coming to our Christmas shows with your family and friends for years, and we are proud to be part of your Christmas traditions. If this is your first time, thanks for taking the plunge and welcome to the fold.

This year we are reinventing our well-loved prairie panto tradition. We are keeping the zany fun, antics and song but we are creating a whole new cast of characters and exploring a whole new kind of story. We have created BABA’S MAGIC MITTEN to honour and celebrate the beautiful contributions of Ukrainian immigrants to our vibrant Prairie culture. Meacham and the surrounding area is full Ukrainian names and influences, and much of it is taken for granted. We dedicate this new show to our brave brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are fighting to defend their culture, language and homeland.

A special THANKYOU to Elizabeth Nepjuk who did a huge amount of research and work before we started, and who generously shared her knowledge and passion for her Ukrainian heritage with the whole company. She gave us all lessons on how to be a little bit Ukrainian. Thanks also to Crispi Lord and Blaine Hart who brought their skills and experience from Pantos past to keep us on the right track.

We sincerely thank you for choosing to come out tonight and support true home-grown Saskatchewan Culture. Happy holiday season to all of you, however you choose to celebrate it..

Angus Ferguson

There will be a 15 minute intermission
DST would like to thank:
  • Louisa Ferguson for the postcard and poster design

  • Xander Scribante for assisting with lighting 

  • Anita Roccamora for the beautiful artwork and hosting Jensine

  • Thank you to Zane Arnott for lending us his beautiful euphonium so we could make our 2001 Space Odyssey dreams a reality

  • Our Board for going above and beyond this season

  • All of our donors and sponsors!

SAB FINAL LOGO CMYK Feb 24, 2020-01.jpg

50/50 Draw
December 17,2023

The Winning Ticket #

Lottery Licence #SR23-3779

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