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A Fairytale for the End of Days

By Kelley Jo Burke


Crispi Pic.jpg

Crispi Lord


Set Designer


Crispi Lord is an actor/creator/designer based in Saskatoon and trained at the University Of Saskatchewan and The Dell'Arte School of Physical Theatre (CA,USA).  As head puppet wrangler with Wide Open Children's Theatre they have been designing and building sets and puppets for twenty two years.  Their latest endeavors include exploring the tiny world of tabletop puppetry with characters that are 6" tall.  Recently they were the grateful recipient of the Henry Woolf award for Continuing Achievement in Theatre from the Saskatoon and Area Theatre Awards.  Theatre highlights include: Titus A. Puppet. Revenge (Shakespeare on The Saskatchewan/Stumped Productions), The Snow Queen (Dancing Sky Theatre), Frosty The Snowperson (Wide Open), Balloonacy (Wide Open), and Tuo On The Moon (Wide Open).

​*Appearing courtesy of Canadian Actors’ Equity

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Savana Gallant



Savana Gallant (she/her) is an actor, singer, and dancer hailing from Saskatoon, SK. She holds an MFA in Musical Theatre from Guildford School of Acting (Surrey, England), and is a graduate from Randolph College for the Performing Arts (Toronto). Upon returning to Saskatchewan, Savana has had the privilege of performing and collaborating in a variety of local shows with recent highlights including The Love Interest (Theatre Howl) and Typecastress (Little Libertine Playhouse Inc.) This past year, Savana has been focusing on her professional dance career as a part of the 2022/23 & 2023/24 O16 Electric Crew for the Saskatchewan Rush, as well as the 2023 620 CKRM Rider Cheer Team. She is thrilled to be coming back to the theatre with her Dancing Sky debut and hopes you enjoy the show.


Angus Ferguson

Artistic Director


Angus was born a long time ago in the magical hills in the South West of England. He grew up and went to school there and was a fairly normal English boy. When he was 15 years old, his Mum fell in love and remarried, and it was decided that the whole new family was going to move to Canada. Angus had never been to Canada, and he knew very little about it, but it all sounded like an exciting adventure. A house was bought in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which sounded very exotic and different. So, the first time he set foot in his new land was when he moved here. It was January 3rd 1978, at 1:30 in the morning. It was 35 below with a pretty serious wind. Angus had never felt anything like it before in his life.

Once he was properly equipped, Angus started to explore the Canadian Prairies and slowly fell in love with them. Apart from one 4-year stint in Montreal where he met his wonderful wife Louisa, he has lived and worked in his new home, Saskatchewan ever since.


Angus is very proud that he has been able to make a living through the Arts – sharing stories with other people and making things.

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Kyle Kuchirka



Kyle Kuchirka is a Saskatoon area raised artist of Ukrainian, Swedish, Norwegian, Irish, and French settler descent. He has been participating in art forms since the age of 4. This is Kyle's first time performing with Dancing Sky. He is pleased to be a part of this production and given the opportunity to collaborate with all these talented artists. Here's to a smokeless summer!


Edith Rattary Skeard

Music & Sound


Edie (they/them) is a multimedia artist, composer, and flutist who works with sound, video, installation, sculpture, and drawing in Saskatoon, SK, located within Treaty 6 territory. They are a member of both Bell Dreams and the Saskatoon Experimental Music Ensemble. 

KJB Globe head shot.jpg

Kelley Jo Burke



About Kelley Jo Burke

“Mad as a boot. Talented. Neurotic. And kind as the day is long.” - Angus Ferguson


Kelley Jo Burke is a playwright, director, actor, editor, a creative nonfiction writer and documentarian, radio producer and broadcaster. Her plays include the award-winning “Rigby,” “The Curst” (with Library Voices), which had its world premiere April 28, 2023 with Dancing Sky Theatre in Saskatoon, “Us” (co-creator Jeff Straker, winner of the 2017 Tom Hendry Award for Best New Musical in Canada (Playwrights Guild of Canada)), “The Lucky Ones,” “Somewhere, Sask. (co-creator Carrie Catherine)”, “Ducks on the Moon” (Hagios), “The Selkie Wife” (Scirocco), “Jane’s Thumb” (Signature), and “Charming and Rose: True Love” (Blizzard).

She is so thrilled to be asked back to DST to offer this green deam.

She dramaturges, directs and produces for stage and radio, and was for many years the host/producer of CBC radio’ SoundXchange. She was 2009 winner of the Saskatchewan Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for Leadership in the Arts, the 2023 City of Regina Writing Award (her fourth time receiving that award), and the 2008 Saskatoon and Area Theatre Award for Playwriting.

She calls her work “tramedy” since most of what she writes teeters between howling with laughter and just howling.

peace akintade headshot.jpeg

Peace Akintade



Peace Akintade is an African-Canadian Interdisciplinary Poet, Public Speaker, and Thespian residing in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. She is ecstatic to be making her Dancing Sky Theatre debut with Greensleep! As the appointed Saskatchewan Spirit roaming the Theatre Community since 2016, she wears many flowy dresses. Co-coordinator of Write Out Loud, a Saskatoon-based Youth Poetry Community. Her play "Painted Elephant" was shortlisted for the IBPOC 2021 Persephone Theatre Commission and debuted with the Black Theatre Workshop in Montreal. Other playwrighting credits include Maddeness with Rocks with Obsidian Theatre and CBCGem, Painted Elephant with Black Theatre Workshop AMP, I Am Who I Am with SUMTheatre's First Monday. A returning performer with SUMTheatre's Outside the Box, Wahkohtowin, and Zero-Gravity. A reluctant actor with credits as Tybalt, Romeo Project, Saskatoon Fringe Festival, Lucia, Unforgettable, Flight and Fight Theatre, Ana, Greensleep, Dancing Sky Theatre. Intimacy Director for The Maids, Whirlygig Theatre, and The Next Room, Lolabrickida Theatre. Her other written works can be found in the History Folklore Society, Kindred Cities, CBCGem, Global News, SaskArts, the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, the Voices of Today Anthology, “Birthday Party'' Anthology, Leaders Post, TOAST, and SaskCulture. Recipient of the 2022 RBC SaskArts Emerging Artist Award and the 2023 Platinum Jubilee Queen's Medal. 2020-2021 Saskatchewan Youth Poet Laurate, 2022 READSaskatoon Poet Laurate, Poet-in-Residence with the Remai Modern Gallery for their Here and Now: Live Arts Initiative, and currently finishing her Artist-in-residency with BamSaskatoon, which includes a 16-hour performance art of continuous writing. Peace hopes that the play opens the eyes of the disinterested and wakes up the drowsy.  

Bill Hales Smile.jpg

William Hales

Stage Manager


William returns to Dancing Sky, he stage managed City Mouse Country Mouse in 2006.

William has recently retired from the University of Regina where he had taught stage management, lighting design and technical theatre. He has recently designed lighting for Persephone Theatre’s production of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley. William will be

designing lighting four shows for On Cue Production’s Riser Festival in May in Regina. He was the resident lighting designer for Vancouver’s The Only Animal theatre company and won a Jessie Richardson Theatre awards in lighting for Nothing But Sky and was nominated for

Slime. He also won the Betty Mitchell Award for lighting in Calgary for NiX. Other interesting information he met Angus in 1980.


Dancing Sky Theatre is proud and honored to be making art on the great plains of North America, also called Turtle Island and many other names. We strive to reflect rural realities in an urban-centric culture. We recognize that we share this landscape with various indigenous peoples (many signees to Treaty #6), members of The Metis Nation, several generations of settlers, as well as new immigrants to these lands. We also seek to share the space with the
more than human world, both indigenous and immigrant. We aim to respect, and work in harmony and balance with all the diversity of life that surrounds us.

Greensleep, A Fairytale for the End of Days

Director’s Notes:


I would like to dedicate this play to my amazing wife Louisa who introduced me to most of the ideas explored in it.


I’ve been telling stories through the medium of theatre for my entire adult life, but it is only recently that I have become aware of how human-centric and individualistic they all are. Of course we are interested in human stories – we are human. Of course we are interested in individual hero journeys because they shed light on our own lives, where we are the hero of our own story. But what of the more than human world? What about the importance of collectivism, connectivity and our place in the larger web of life, and what about consciousness? How do we tell those stories?


Our founding western mythology gives humankind dominion over the garden. This has led us to feel separate from the rest of creation, and it has somehow given us permission to use the planet however we see fit – to take as many resources as we want, to serve our own ends. Our present civilization is built on the false concepts of perpetual growth and infinite resource extraction. Science is proving that we cannot do this anymore when we live within a finite system, and within a delicate and interconnected web.


We are at the end of an era. The climate is changing drastically due to our actions, and we are at the beginning of the sixth mass extinction event. When looked through the lens of our small, human everyday life, this feels like a giant bummer. But the end of something is always the beginning of something else. As Kelley Jo suggests in this play-the opposite of despair is not hope – it is change. At this moment, we are at the brink a new era where we have the chance to re-connect with the awesome web of life and energy that surrounds us. Where we can learn to listen and live in balance with the complex ecosystems that we are a valuable part of.


I offer this story as a different way of looking at things. As an opportunity for new possibilities, joy and connection.


Watch. Think. Laugh. Have fun. And let’s start talking about new ways of caring for the planet and each other. And listening. And imagining new myths to guide us.

DST would like to thank:
  • Thank you to Louisa Ferguson for the image, poster & postcard designs

  • Thank you to Karen Sopotyk-Pidskalny for the loan of the beautiful trees and greenery

  • Thank you Britainy Zapshalla for all the publicity!

  • Thank you Stephen & Natalie McLaren for everything!

  • Thank You Stephen Wade and Liz Wilks!

  • Thank You to Gabe Ferguson for help with the set and the awesome paint caddy!

  • Thank you to Dylan Ferguson for the loan of costume materials!

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