Fireside Stories - Artists

  • M Craig Campbell

    Blacksmith- Sculptor of Firepit

    Blacksmithing is my third career: heavy equipment operator, office work and now, artistic blacksmithing. I took up the hammer twenty years ago as an escape from the chains of deskwork and it slowly overtook all else. I enjoy the challenge of one-of-a-kind pieces and exploring a theme via a sculpture series. The most fascinating aspects of blacksmithing are the warm and wonderful people I meet and the endless learning potential. It has allowed me to meet and people from local and far that have enriched my work and my life. Blacksmiths worldwide are a friendly lot and my craft has led me around North America and across oceans to visit, work with and learn from others



  • Angus Ferguson

    Co-creator- Coordinator

    Angus was born a long time ago in the magical hills in the South West of England. He grew up and went to school there and was a fairly normal English boy. When he was 15 years old, his Mum fell in love and remarried, and it was decided that the whole new family was going to move to Canada. Angus had never been to Canada, and he knew very little about it, but it all sounded like an exciting adventure. A house was bought in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which sounded very exotic and different. So, the first time he set foot in his new land was when he moved here. It was January 3rd 1978, at 1:30 in the morning. It was 35 below with a pretty serious wind. Angus had never felt anything like it before in his life.


    Once he was properly equipped, Angus started to explore the Canadian Prairies and slowly fell in love with them. Apart from one 4-year stint in Montreal where he met his wonderful wife Louisa, he has lived and worked in his new home, Saskatchewan ever since.


    Angus is very proud that he has been able to make a living through the Arts – sharing stories with other people and making things.

  • Lancelot Knight

    Co-creator - Musician

    Lancelot Knight is a singer songwriter. He has toured throughout Europe, New Zealand and across North America. Spanning genres and all forms of artistry, He also plays guitar for his fathers band Chester Knight and the Wind, and was nominated for a Juno, through the guitar work created on Joey Stylez album "The Blackstar". He also plays guitar on the upcoming Tomson Highway Musical, Lynx Lamour goes to Nashville! Lancelot Knight Recently co-created, composed the music for the play Reasonable Doubt. Lancelot Knight is excited to be a part of the Fireside stories.

  • Elizabeth Nepjuk 


    Co-creator - Storyteller

    I am a 2nd generation settler of mixed European descent with a deep connection to my Ukrainian ancestry and culture. For me, storytelling has always been about empathy. Stories are a way of walking in another’s shoes – they remind us of each other’s humanity. My love of telling stories comes from my desire to understand people; why they make the choices they do, and how their lives affect those around them. I believe each culture’s stories are a way of tapping into a profound, shared consciousness every human carries with them. Stories are how we start conversations. Stories bring us together. Stories can save us. 

  • Krystle Pederson

    Co-creator - Storyteller

    Krystle is a Cree/Metis actor, singer songwriter from Saskatoon, Sk. Her love of writing and storytelling comes from a long line of mentors, friends and family. Writing inspires healing and emotion. Through song and short stories Krystle hopes you feel these emotions. Krystle is excited to share stories from the land and sit and bring joy to those around the fire. Welcome all to Fireside Stories.

  • Folake


    Co-creator - Storyteller

    Folakes is an immigrant and Nigerian by birth.  Her move to Canada and Saskatchewan, in particular, are embedded in a lot of stories that share that all hope is not lost.

    She tells stories to educate, encourage and expose to the world what others cannot see. She tells of her experiences, her journey and her new home Saskatoon. The beauty, diversity, people, work and especially things people take for granted.

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Welcome back to Dancing Sky after an unusual few months. We are very excited to be exploring new territory with this project, and to be creating new ways that we can safely gather together again to share a communal artistic experience.


Like music, dancing and language, stories are a universal human phenomenon. Every human culture, all across our planet tells and shares stories with each other. We tell babies stories before they can speak. Every day we tell our friends stories about things that have happened to us. We also communicate our deepest truths in stories. Most of the world’s sacred texts are not “how to” books, they are collections of stories. There is something profound, simple and very human about gathering around a fire and sharing stories with other people.


The stories that we are telling in this project are about this place that we call home, the Canadian Prairies. These are the stories of some of the people who have walked across this land. Stories of struggle, and stories of bounty and abundance.


Thank you for coming and sharing this space with us. Be safe.

Angus Ferguson

DST would like to thank:

Jack and Travis Mckenzie

Don and Val Pidlisny

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

Ara, Shahane, Narek Tamrazyan and Zhanna Iskandaryan.

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