Fireside Stories II - Artists

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Well, it’s certainly been the strangest and most challenging year in most of our lives. So many of the things that are important to us have been taken away or set aside. Hugging family members, gathering with friends and celebrating community events have all been paused until we can overcome this awful pandemic. For those of us involved in the performing arts the very essence of what we do, communal artistic events, has been temporarily put on pause for very valid health and safety reasons. I’m sure that we are all aching for the opportunities to gather together and share our humanity in the ways that fed us so richly before. One of the great gifts of the COVID crisis, however, is that it has forced us to be creative and think sideways.
Last September Dancing Sky tried a totally new kind of project that tried address the new realities that we found ourselves in. We built an outdoor amphitheatre that would accommodate safe distancing and COVID regulations, and we created a simple storytelling event that stripped back community story-sharing to its basic elements. We were not sure how people would feel about gathering together for performing arts events again, but we were pleasantly surprised when the event sold out both in Meacham and in Saskatoon.
It was embraced so positively that we are doing it again – we are delighted to be sharing Fireside Stories II with you. This time we explore new ground with storytelling through dance and music – pushing the boundaries of the form. We are thrilled to be bringing back old friend Kent Allen to share a very personal family story of his.
As always, the stories are rooted in this amazing landscape that we live within and are a part of. We hope that you enjoy an evening of old-fashioned storytelling and music, and we hope that we will be inviting you back inside our beautiful theatre space very soon. Stay tuned.
Angus Ferguson
DST would like to thank:
  • Anne Hardy for the donation of a coffee maker and toaster oven

  • Byron Hnatuk for the donation of a microwave

  • Monique Martin for the costumes worn by the dancers

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