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April 29 - May 15, 2022

Jonas and Barry Square.jpg
Jonas and Barry
in the Home
By Norm Foster


It’s time to gather again inside Dancing
Sky Theatre to eat, drink and laugh together!
Jonas and Barry in the Home by celebrated
Canadian playwright Norm Foster is an
uplifting comedy about re-discoverying joy and
connection. It is a story that explores the
value of never giving up and of living life to
the fullest.


As always we will be offering ways for you to eat and drink together when you visit our lovely rural space.


We ask all guests to wear masks inside the theatre.

All matinees Saturday and Sunday we will be asking for proof of vaccination of all guests.

Vaccination is not required for evening performances, but encouraged.

And as always if you are unwell, please stay home, take care and feel better soon!

Other Work....



Arts organizations have been asked to respond to social events and issues brought back into focus by the protests and activism in the USA sparked by BLM. 


We are encouraged to see that this is evolving into a broader discussion about diversity and inclusion in Canada, and DST is committed to being part of this necessary process 

We invite you to go to our D&I tab for more information about our D&I plan and process

Our Renovations

DST has completed an expansion of our dining room and the addition of separate dressing rooms for our artists.  This work will allow us to make social distancing more effective for our patrons, casts, crew and staff.

The next step of our expansion will centre around around upgrading our bathrooms.  Work on this phase is dependent on our reaching our fundraising goal of $50,000.

Donations can be made by mail or at the donations link:

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