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Dancing Sky Theatre's Capital Campaign Plan

The 2016/17 Season will be the 20th anniversary in the Dancing Sky Theatre space .  It also marks the 100th anniversary of Harvest Hall!  The hall was built when, in 1903, members of the Ukrainian community bought individual shares to help raise funds for its construction. 
Dancing Sky is looking for members of the community to once again come together to help with the revitalization of Harvest Hall.   
Phase One
Shoring Up The Foundations
completed October 2017. 


With the generous help of Western Economic Diversification Canada, through the Canada 150 Grant, this year, Dancing Sky Theatre was able to launch the first phase of our multi-phased Capital Campaign.
Phase Two
Dining room Repairs
to be complete by the fall of 2018. 




  • Dig around the north and west side of the building


  • Repair and shore up the foundation under the diningroom and the theatre entrance.


  • Install necessary drainage


  • Landscape around the building


  • Replace and repair floor joist


  • install new furnace


  • repair leaky ceiling
  • Upgrade seating

Phase Three
Bathroom Renovations
to be complete by the fall of 2020. 




  • Added stalls


  • New Plumbing

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