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Current Season

The Fourth Wiseman

A Dancing Sky Theatre Collective Creation

December 6 - 22, 2019

“I do not know where this little story came from--out of the air, perhaps. One thing is certain, it is not written in any other book, nor is it to be found among the ancient lore of the East. And yet I have never felt as if it were my own. It was a gift, and it seemed to me as if I knew the Giver." —Henry Van Dyke


This holiday season, Dancing Sky Theatre is re-visiting one of our very first collective creations THE FOURTH WISEMAN, which is inspired by an 1895 novella by Henry Van Dyke. Many of us are familiar with the visit of the ‘three wise men’ as part of the Christmas story, and with the famous gifts that they brought. But what if there was a fourth wise man? One who started out on the journey but missed the nativity by three days and, as a result, spent the rest of his life searching for the promised King?

In this production, Dancing Sky Theatre explores what happens when things don’t go as planned, when we lose our way, and struggle through hardship and delays. This little story reminds us that despite setbacks, perhaps even because of them, we may be closer to our goals than we think. We have actually travelled further than we realize.

When we first explored this story 16 years ago, Cam Fuller of the Star Phoenix noted that it “looks through the meaning of Christmas and into the meaning of love.” It is a deceptively simple story that lets us reflect on the values that we all grapple with at this time of year.


It’s a tale that should be shared with the whole family.


The Curst

by Kelley Jo Burke

May 1-17, 2020

“All my friends are buying diamonds for their girls

And bringing children into this world

Signing their name to a home on land they’ve captured

Me? I’m still writing songs I’m scared you’ll hear someday” — Carver, Library Voices


The Curst may be the unluckiest band ever. They’re from small-town Saskatchewan, and they don’t play country. Their lead singer Merle is too neurotic to actually show anyone his songs. And it seems they’re being stalked by some kind of guardian angel gone really, really bad.  Their life on the road is such a series of injuries, freak catastrophes, and grueling hours in a beat-up van, that they are starting to wonder whether it’s just time to quit.

But sometimes, just sometimes, they make magic together and fly. Maybe it’s all worth it?

Then good fortune shows its face. To The Curst. All they need to do is keep it together and avoid any dodgy angelic interference for a few more days. What. Could. Go. Wrong?

Written by national-award winner Kelley Jo Burke (The Selkie Wife) and featuring the songs of Saskatchewan’s indi-pop legends Library Voices (Denim on Denim, Summer of Lust), The Curst is a funny, loving rock-musical about why year after year, generation after generation, bands climb into bad vans, and head out on another gig…no matter the cost.  

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