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Pandemics Pratfalls & Prayers
September 10 - 19


We have all just shared a momentous and world changing 18 months, going through the first worldwide pandemic of our lifetimes. It has had a huge effect upon all of us. We seem to be making good progress “sticking it to COVID” through the wonders of science and the power of mass action. Now seems like a good time to start “sticking it to COVID” through the magic and power of The Arts.


Pandemics, Pratfalls and Prayers is a response to our rapidly changing and challenging times, dominated by the COVID virus. It is a chance to reflect on what has happened, and a chance for us to cheer and boo at the events we have endured. It is also an opportunity to reflect collectively on how it has changed us. What have we lost? What have we learned? What have we achieved? Simple pleasures that we always took for granted were suddenly taken away. Connections that we relied upon were strained and even broken. We have also proven what we can do as a species if we really pull together and genuinely commit to mass action. We have responded to a global crisis like never before – which means we can do it again if we truly want to.


Dancing Sky has chosen to go on a new adventure, creating a large-scale outdoor piece to be performed in our lovely new amphitheatre. We will use theatre magic, music, masks, humour and ritual to create an event that will bring us back together to share space and experience. The show will be aimed at the whole family so that you can come with your loved ones and your friends to rebuild connections and community.


As always we will be offering ways for you to eat and drink together when you visit our lovely rural space.

Other Work....



Arts organizations have been asked to respond to social events and issues brought back into focus by the protests and activism in the USA sparked by BLM. 


We are encouraged to see that this is evolving into a broader discussion about diversity and inclusion in Canada, and DST is committed to being part of this necessary process 

We invite you to go to our D&I tab for more information about our D&I plan and process

Our Renovations

DST is currently in the the middle of an expansion of our dining room and the addition of separate dressing rooms for our artists.  This work will allow us to make social distancing more effective for our patrons, casts, crew and staff.

Phase 2 or our expansion will centre around around upgrading our bathrooms.  Work on this phase is dependant on our reaching our fundraising goal of $50,000.

Donations can be made by mail or at the donations link:

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